domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

The Best Job in the World

You are going to listen to two people talking about the best job in the world. The conversation is really funny. Listen carefully and answer some questions.

1. Where would Richard have to live if he gets the job? (Specify country and region)
2. What is the weather like there?
3. Why is the island so important?
4. What does the job consist in? List the three tasks mentioned.
5. What else will he have to do if he gets the job?
6. What spare time activities can be done on the island?
7. How much is he going to get paid?
8. How can he apply for the job?

Protestantism in England

Protestantism originated in the 16th century. Protestant doctrine, also known in continental European traditions as Evangelical doctrine, is in opposition to that of Roman Catholicism. It typically holds that Scripture (rather than tradition or ecclesiastic interpretation of Scripture) is the source of revealed truth. Most English and Irish people are either Protestant or Catholic. Pay attention and discover how Protestant Faith originated in the Isles.


Present Continous

The Legend of King Arthur

This is the Legend of a hero, of a man that defended the land against invaders and gave safety to his people